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5 Great Tips Will Help You Write a Speech Like a Professional


The art of writing a speech is not an easy job. Be it for the information purpose or to persuade, while writing a speech for public presentation, there are a few essential aspects that you need to take care of. If your audience belongs to a particular community like students, teachers or corporates, you need to frame the speech according to their temperaments and understanding. A good idea would be to let your audience know in the beginning what you will be covering.

It is one thing to write a compelling text that makes your audience go “wow”, but the main objective of your presentation should not get compromised. One must be able to get the main idea across the first time itself.

Speech-writing can also be a viable career option for you if you are good at it. Many politicians appreciate writers who can write a legendary speech for them. Their political career rides on what they choose to convey to the audience. If you are a college student who is looking for tips to master speech-writing, here are 5 great tips that you can follow:

1. Research thoroughly

A finely conducted research preceding your text holds great importance. You need to delve deeper into the topic as your audience may ask you anything pertaining to the same. They must believe that you have a clear idea of what you are talking about. A poorly conducted research will not convince them during the speech. You may also listen to other great speeches to seek inspiration.

There may be times when managing your course-curriculum, homework, assignments and other projects along with focusing on writing good content may seem overwhelmingly impossible. In such a case you can always seek help online. Just type on your browser, “Help me write my speech”, and you may find many resources online that will connect you to a pool of professional writers.

2. Keep in mind the objective

Remember, why are you writing this speech? It is important for you not to get carried away by your own opinions and prejudices and forget the main idea behind the speech. Also, be considerate towards the feeling of your audience, and don’t hurt their sentiments in any way. People may forget your words, but they will forever hold on to their emotional response towards what you said.

3. Keep it simple

Using complicated words and ambiguous jargons in your speech can confuse your audience and set you off on the bad note. People are most likely to lose interest in your speech if your words are too technical or heavy for them to grasp. Try to maintain a proper speed while speaking. Do not speak too fast or too slow. Clarify each point in detail before moving forward to the next point. The ideal length of a speech is around 7 minutes. But allocate enough time for pauses and response of the audience while framing your speech.

4. Write a solid opening

The opening paragraph of your speech must be meticulously written and should be convincing enough for your audience to stay focused until the end. You may start off by infusing some humor in the introduction or quote someone that your audience likes or respects.

5. Read out loud

After completing the first draft of your speech, read it out aloud to notice any errors or structural mistakes. Before editing your draft, let it sit for a while. Take a break before you make final revisions to your speech. Studies show that if you let you piece of writing rest and begin the editing process after a while, the errors seem more apparent.

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