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Common Ways to Stop Procrastinating


Almost everyone finds themselves procrastinating. This activity is totally normal, though it should never get out of one’s control. Do you remember when you almost missed the deadline or sat over a boring homework late in the night because dank memes on YouTube are much cooler? Well, this is an example of ‘bad’ procrastination. As soon as it starts harming you, it should be dealt with. That’s why we’ve picked up several tips to help anyone deal with this time-killer.

Common Ways to Stop Procrastinating

When and why does it occur?

Usually, people start procrastinating when they have something unpleasant to do no matter how important it is. Need to prepare for an exam? Nah, let me watch another Game of Thrones episode instead. Do I watch it for the fifth time? No one cares! Seems familiar, doesn’t it? Now, that you know how it looks like, let’s consider the reasons for its occurrence.
First of all, it’s your DNA that is to blame. It’s been scientifically proven that a set of specific genes may cause a person to procrastinate more than another who doesn’t have the same set in their DNA. Though, it is more of a psychological state so it can be dealt with. Yes, for some, it may be really tough, though the effects of procrastinating regularly may get devastating.
Good news is that procrastinating is normal, and it is not a disease, indeed. However, if you engage in this habit quite regularly, it may cause depression and lowered self-esteem. Sometimes, postponing something because of something more substantial is inevitable. It is important, however, to use the time wisely and do that more important stuff right away.

Effects of procrastinating

If you do not find yourself procrastinating regularly, then you probably have nothing to worry about. However, if the deadlines are your curse or assignments just feel unbearable, pay attention to the following.
Procrastinating often results in decreased academic performance, which, in turn, may result in lowered self-esteem or even depression. And that – leads to guilt, which is also extremely stressful. Additionally, your relationships with friends or family may suffer from procrastinating as well. For example, if a friend asks you to help them, you agree, but then refuse when it’s too late because you procrastinated instead, then it’s awful.
Evidently, the effects of procrastinating may be disastrous; and if you find yourself unable to deal with it yourself, then here are several tips to use.

How to stop procrastinating

First of all, analyze your recent behavior. What goes wrong and at what point, what exactly makes you feel uneasy and hesitant to start dealing with. Having done that, learn your priorities. Decide, what’s more important: another video or getting prepared for tomorrow’s exam?
It is also a sound idea to make lists with all the important tasks. Set the deadlines and don’t actually miss them! Again, prioritizing is critical here, as it’s you who decides the importance and urgency of each item on your to-do list.
Get rid of distractions. Find yourself carried away when listening to musing and doing homework at the same time? Turn it off. Do you need to read another article but your phone is constantly beeping? Switch it to the Airplane Mode. As you see, every situation has its solution, but you need to find it.
Divide more significant tasks into smaller ones. Does the project seem frightening? Divide it into several parts and complete each one at a time. In the end, you will realize that the piece of work was indeed a piece of cake, and there was nothing to be worried about.

Now that you are armed with the tips on how to stop procrastinating, you can quickly finish pretty much any task, no matter how complicated it seems at first. If you need to do something, just start doing it! Work out the best strategy and finish the job. After that, you will realize that your favorite show has not gone anywhere and you can spend all evening watching it.

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