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Edusson Review

As far as writing agencies go, Edusson has certainly been gaining a following over the last few years. At last count, there were thousands of students utilizing their services. Considering this fact, we decided to do our own investigation into the online writing business. We wanted to see firsthand if the services, features, and work lived up to our expectations. This is what we came across during the course of our Edusson.com review:


One of the standout points that we discovered about this company was that they had a more all-encompassing approach to academic guidance. Most of the writing sites that we survey simply offer to write out essays for you. This writing business, though, was a little different.

Now, for the most part, they provided a similar kind of service. Apart from the Edusson essay, we were also given the chance to purchase these options as well:

  • Coursework
  • Term Papers
  • Research Papers
  • Capstone Projects
  • Thesis
  • Personal Statements
  • Dissertations
  • Rewriting
  • Editing

What we were especially surprised to find was that the site had a lot of educational guidance features as well. We could browse through samples, look through writing guides, and even check out various writing topics as well.


The minor obstacle that we arrived at when testing out this site was trying to calculate the price. It dawned on us that there were no set Edusson prices to select from. Instead, the writers decided what a fair cost was depending on the size and nature of the order that you had requested.

This process made comparing prices with other writing agencies more than a little difficult. Also, if you are new to such a thing, you may be confused as to whether or not you are being cheated. However, once we were able to sort everything out, we came to the conclusion that the cost was very similar to other services.

Customer Support

While the customer support wasn’t stellar, we found that it was adequate for this particular type of tasks. When we wanted to speak to the people behind the operation, we had a choice of using the Live Chat or calling them. While we did wish that there were more contact options, the response was quick enough for us.


We each placed an individual order so that we could see what a more diverse group of writers could do. The main benefit with the essays that we were provided with was that they had all been put through an Edusson plagiarism assessor. So, when we ran it through our own checker, we were pleased to report that there was no copied content.

At the same time, it was obvious to us that not all of the assignments had a similar level of work. Some were up to the mark and were free from mistakes. Others were more mediocre and had a few minor errors. This taught us that the quality of work was a direct result of the writer that you picked.


As for the legality of it all, we had to admit that this agency tends to toe the line much better than some of its counterparts. Why? Well, this is because the site is more about academic guidance than just simply providing completed essays and assignments. Therefore, they aren’t infringing on any legalities or guidelines set by colleges or universities. So, there is no more concern regarding is Edusson legit.

Guarantees and Safety

The next aspect that we looked at was the type of guarantee afforded by this online writing business. Here again, the company has taken a rather unique approach to ensuring that the work we requested will be turned into us. Although we were required to provide payment upfront, this wasn’t actually sent to the writer.

The person handling our assignments was only paid once we approved the work that they had done. It was this feature, specifically, that allowed us to answer the question of is Edusson reliable once and for all. You can ask for as many corrections as you like until you are happy with what you have been provided.


We had heard from other Edusson reviews that the site was well designed. We saw this for ourselves when we visited it and had to place an order. Once again, compared to some of the other writing services, the website here was a pleasure to use. It was also nice to see quite so many details provided as well. We knew exactly what we were getting regarding each of the types of work that we wanted to be completed.


What stood out to us in our Edusson review was the whole setup with the writers. This is something that we would like to see the company improve on in the future. Now, each of the writers has a profile that you can look through. This lets you know how many assignments that they have handled and how many they are currently working on.

We also could see the success rate of their work and what their previous customers thought of their essays. Perhaps more importantly, we could see the subjects that they had covered. This gave us a better idea of what each writer could handle. Unfortunately, the information ends here. There are no samples, background information, or anything else that you can use to improve your selection.


These are some of the main advantages to look forward to:

  • Can get a wide variety of educational assistance
  • Lots of services to select from
  • Guarantee of work
  • Good website design
  • No plagiarism


These are the main problems highlighted:

  • Confusing information regarding pricing
  • Lack of details on writers


There are certain aspects of this business that need to progress. Apart from these, though, we found that this can be a helpful writing agency for different kinds of students. So, if you are short on time or just don’t have the capacity to do the work, this site can help you out. If you make an effort to choose your writer carefully, you could end up with a stellar paper on your hands.

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