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How To Structure An Essay?


When it comes to essay writing, we are often in doubt about how to proceed with the same. In fact, essays have today become integral to any forms of writing starting from the academic sphere to the professional field. However, the kind of writing differs from one field to another, depending on the requirement and hence this demands a good hold on the tips and tricks to write it in a customized, crisp and complete manner.

Basically, an essay comprises of three main parts – introduction, body, and conclusion. But that’s the just broad part of an essay. Ideally, the tactics of compartmentalizing the essay with carefully crafted content lie in learning what to include in these compartments and in which manner. It talks about a particular topic in a more or less linear fashion so that the reader gets a crystal clear idea about the topic after finishing it. However, it is very crucial to keep in mind about how the topic unfolds during the course of the whole essay.

The Beginning is Crucial

In other words, this is how your writing should gradually unfurl itself―first of all; the title of the essay in one glimpse should give a quick idea about what it is going to be all about. It should not be too long to read but at the same time, should be catchy so that it is easy to comprehend by the reader.

Now comes the introduction part which is again a very vital component of an essay because it is this part that will ensure the reader stickiness to the essay. The introduction part will decide whether the reader is interested to go on reading it further or leaving it in the introduction part itself. Quite evidently, it has to be an interesting and informative one as well. It is, therefore, advisable to let the topic come up casually through the introduction without going too much deeper into the topic. It should only speak about the start of the topic or rather what the topic is going to be in short. It should be done in such a manner that the reader is urged to go on further reading the essay in order to know more. It’s more like exploring it rather than writing the same. Just like any other travel journey, it should ensure a perfect reading journey. This is one of the basic thumb-rules on how to structure an essay.

How do you structure the body properly?

Now once we are done with the introduction part then comes the main part of the body part. This is the area where all possible information needs to be shared because this is the primary content of an essay. It is imperative to mention here that the body of the essay should preferably be split into small paragraphs or else the reader may find it too long to read by seeing the same at one glance.

After all, today, it is always the first impression that matters a lot for any field and it is quite the same story in case of writing as well. Essays can be factual, narrative, descriptive and convincing based on the genre of writing. Academic essays are mostly fact based and so are the professional or official fact-based essays. In such types of essays, the writer ought to keep in mind that no matter how much facts we try to embed in the essay, the reader won’t go through those all unless we write the same in a presentable manner. It is always better to have a point-wise manner of presentation, accompanied by bullets and proper formatting in case of factual essays.

When it comes to descriptive ones, elaboration and clarity of concept are what is always required to make the essay an enjoyable one. These are more like preparing a sketch or painting that would leave the reader overwhelmed after the essay is over. However, whenever it is about an argumentative essay or an essay that speaks about a topic from various points of views, the reader should be very much particular about mentioning about every single point of view so that it comes out as an unbiased writing piece.

Finish it properly

Finally comes the finishing part, whereby the writer concludes his views by speaking about the whole topic in a gist. So, all said and done, it can be said that essays will differ in terms of the various types of writing styles but overall, the underlying factors will be the same as discussed above.

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