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How to Write a Dissertation ?


A dissertation is probably one of the toughest tasks students must handle. Not only will your final grade depend significantly on this paper, but so will the future career. If you are at a loss about where to start, you can use this simple guide to have a better understanding of how to write a dissertation.

Choose a Topic

This is one of the most crucial steps since you should not only like the chosen topic, but also have enough scientific sources for analysis. Choose wisely, because writing the dissertation yourself might get complicated if there are not enough resources to back your claims. Sometimes, it is better to sacrifice your personal interest in the topic for the sake of making the research process easier. Ideally, try balancing out both ‘easiness’ and ‘interest.’

Work out a Strategy of How to Handle the Task

Writing a dissertation is a lengthy and tiresome process, so you should approach it wisely. You are going to need all your discipline and time-management skills to cope with it. Correct planning is of vital importance here as you need enough time allocated for each stage of your research process. Determine when you are the most productive and write the dissertation during that particular timeframe and get the most out of it. Also, do not underestimate such a seemingly easy process as sources search. Dedicate enough time to find essential data you may want to use in the dissertation to make the actual process of writing less painful.

How to Write a Dissertation


As mentioned above, writing a dissertation requires a lot of time and in-depth analysis. Once you have an outline, use a database of scientific sources to find relevant literature. Remember, an unsupported claim may be regarded as plagiarism, so it’s advisable that you have enough material to back up almost everything being said in your dissertation. Create a bibliography once you are sure which sources will be used and don’t forget to attach it to the dissertation proposal if it’s required.

Create a Dissertation Proposal

Before you actually write a dissertation, you should make a proposal first. In simple terms, this is a demo version of your future research. First, start with an outline and then fill it with details about your study. Mention the research problem, methods of research that will be used, and what the expected results are. Don’t forget to mention the scientific significance of your dissertation. Once everything’s done, send it to your professor for review. When it is approved, you may proceed further.

Start Writing

Now that you are all set you may begin writing your first draft. It will change a lot, however, but don’t get discouraged by that. Step by step, you will steadily approach your final goal. Remember to consult your professor on every troublesome issue related to your dissertation. Quite often, drafts should also be sent for review, so make yours a worthy one.

As soon as your final draft approved, finish the job. Don’t forget to check whether the requirements set by your professor are met to prevent your final grade from being reduced. Then, when you are done with writing, put it aside at least for one day. Why? Because it is yet to be proofread before final submission.

Get It Proofread

You can do it either yourself or ask for professional help if you can afford it. Don’t proofread your dissertation right after you are done with writing it, as you may overlook a lot of unpleasant surprises like typos or grammatical mistakes. You might also want to change something in it after a day or two, but don’t get carried away as even more errors may appear as a result.


When you are satisfied with your dissertation, and the writing process is finally over, submit it. Do not postpone until the very last day, however, as your professor’s inbox may get overloaded and you don’t want your letter to end up in ‘Spam,’ right?

With these steps, writing does not seem as frightening as before, does it?

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