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How to Write an Autobiography Essay


At first sight, an autobiography essay might seem an easy task since you should tell the reader about your past experiences. Still, you should know what is worth including there so as not to make your readers bored. Usually, such kind of paper includes one significant event from your life that has either influenced you greatly or changed your outlook altogether. It may turn out, however, that this task is more complicated than it seems, at first, since you are picturing the event in the best possible manner making everyone else as interested in it as you are. That is why it is vital to take into account several tips before preparing an autobiography essay.

How to Write an Autobiography Essay

Plan your autobiography essay

Like any other piece of writing, this type of work requires no less planning. You should start with choosing an event that seems the most significant to you and then proceed with an outline. It will help you structure your narrative in a way as fascinating as possible. All you need here is dedicate enough time to this preparatory stage. Think carefully about what is worth telling and what can easily be omitted without affecting the main idea of your autobiography essay.

Autobiography essay structure

Once you are done with creating an outline, it is time to decide on the structure you will be following. Usually, this piece consists of five paragraphs just like any other simple essay: an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion. Of course, when you write an autobiography essay, it is you who decides on its structure, and you may want to alter it as you like. However, sticking to a more traditional way is safer.

In addition, always use the first-person narrative as you are telling your own story and not somebody else’s. Even though the paper itself might resemble a narrative essay, it is not, so set the right priorities and structure your thoughts accordingly.

Write a title

Speaking about an autobiography essay, general rules of creating a title for a paper also apply. Remember that it should be eye-catching and not too long. You might want to consider it to have a comic effect, but don’t get carried away. Here are several autobiography essay title examples for your better understanding of what it should look like:

  1. A First-Year Student Survival Guide
  2. The Day I Realized Who I Really Was
  3. The Most Challenging Day in My Life
  4. What Made Me Decide to Become a Musician
  5. Story of My Success: How I Became a Prom Queen

Surely, the title of the autobiography essay should reflect its content, and it is up to you to decide what it should be like depending on the requirements you have to meet.

Introducing your autobiography essay

First of all, write an introduction. It should make it clear for the readers what your essay is about, though don’t reveal all the details just yet. Make some hints and make your readers them curious about what is going to happen next. Creating a thesis statement is also a must; please, do not ignore it. It should ensure a smooth transition to the main part, and it can be as follows: “At that point, who would have thought that an ordinary exam would turn into a real disaster.”

Body of your essay

This is the part where you write about the chosen event. Ensure it flows as a single piece and not as fragments of memories, as this kind of paper is more of a formal one. Make your style more or less neutral, but don’t forget about describing your own feelings since you are showing those detrimental events from your own perspective. Don’t make any judgments or conclusions just yet.

Make conclusions

When you are done with the body, write a concluding paragraph that summarizes everything that has been told. You may use your thesis statement from the introduction, but don’t forget to rephrase it. Here, you are expected to make conclusions and describe how the depicted event impacted you. Though, you may want to end your essay with a question to the reader: “Well, how would you behave under similar circumstances?”

As you see, to write an autobiography essay is not as easy as it may seem, not it is challenging if you are equipped with the tips mentioned above. Remember to allocate enough time for planning. With a great outline, it will be easier for you to structure your thoughts and tell the reader your story the way you want.

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