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How to Write My Essay


Writing an essay is the most complicated aspect of learning for most students. With regular writing, finding yourself stuck to a specific routine is easy. For some students, the process is even more complicated, and they tend to skip all the chances they get to write their essay. That’s why we’ve completed a list of essay tips, to make your life easier and the writing process – less stressful.

If you are not sure of how you can write your essay and make it unique all the time, this blog is all you need. It will share with you useful tips that apply to ensure you can draft and come up with an essay that will break all deals. As an academic you want your piece to keep improving from great to the brilliant level. Follow these writing techniques and tips, and you will be proud of who impressive your essays will become.

Pick an Original Topic

The most important part of your writing is finding a topic that you are comfortable to write. Although your instructors may provide you with a topic, you have it think about it critically. In instances when you have to pick a topic yourself, you must ensure that you are conversant with it. It has to be a topic you are comfortable to write and will have word flow to meet your expected number of words. As you brainstorm within yourself on the topic, you can ask yourself what exactly you want to write about.  With a general overview of your subject and what kind of information you wish to tell your audience will guide you perfectly on the topics to choose.

Additionally, as you choose your topic, you must ensure it goes in line with the direction you intend to follow. For your words to flow and convince your audience on the argument, you bring onboard. Also, you must ensure that your topic is something you are interested in and would not pull your writing down.

How to Write My Essay

Create an Outline

Now that you have your topic, you don’t just get down to writing business. You have to get a strategy, a plan that will guide you on how your final paper will look like. Break down your topic into some sub-topics ensures that everything within the subject is covered. Having an outline guides you on specific steps that you will take to make your writing interesting.

Your outline helps you to keep the interests of your audiences first. Through the sketch, it will be easy for you to gauge on your writing and know how to divide your words. What is the one goal/ message you want to pass on to your readers? With this information at and, you will be able to communicate with your audience directly with an essay that is engaging and informative. Your only focus on the important points outline, however, should only focus on the important points. This way, you will have ample time while researching for your work and you will remain within the lines of your main points. If possible, you can pin your outline on your keyboard or place it before you as a reminder of where you wish to get your audience.

Write A Thesis Statement

Your reads want to know what to expect long before you write the entire paper. They want to connect with you and feel like part of your article and share their thoughts on your topic. Your thesis statement should contain two sections for it to be meaningful and engaging. The first part should focus on the topic subject while the second part focuses on the points you intend to share.

The way you arrange your thesis statement will tell your readers how compelling your argument will be and the type of impact it will cause in them. Therefore, although the statement is required to be brief, it must be rich with attractive information. The way you write the statement clicks directly to the mind of your audience and allows them to reflect on the topic based on your selected points.

Introduction Is Key

Your introduction will either motivate your readers or spoil their reading mode. In the opening is where you introduce your topics and the lay the foundation of your argument. Therefore, you must ensure it is strong and direct to the points. The way you present your topic should reflect on your knowledge and understanding of the subject. It is at this point where your readers will know the direction you intend to flow.

For your essay to be effective and exciting, the introduction must be rich with relevant information. Most professional writers work on their opening sentences. The first phrase should be able to capture the attention of the reader/instructor. You can give shocking information or give a story about your topic. As a pacesetter, your introduction should provide a simple summary of the topic. Additionally, you must ensure it has a connection with your thesis statement and has a cognitive flow.

Work On the Body

On the body is where you put all your arguments in action. If you intend to write an essay that will educate, this is the place to explain yourself. You can divide your body into several paragraphs to ensure you cover all your points in depth.

On every paragraph, you can start by introducing your point. Give a factual statement about it then work on building it with your ideas. Once you start writing about a particular point, you should ensure to exhaust everything about it. Do in-depth research on the individual point to ensure you have an expanded understanding of what is expected of you about the point.

Lastly, have a powerful closing statement. Give your readers your take on that on the point.  Put a little emphasis relating your point with the subject matter. However, as you conclude on a point, you must ensure that your readers can scan quality information that is likely to direct them to the next paragraph. The flow of your content should build to the climax of your argument. Every statement should, therefore, lead to the other all the way to the final thought of your article.

How to Write My Essay

The Conclusion Tips

You have already given your readers the thesis of your paper, introduction and build on the topic through your body. The conclusion now allows you to share your opinion about the topic. Mostly, while writing the body of your essay, you concentrated more on the research you did. Now on this point, you want to give your opinion without concentrating on other people’s thoughts. However, the concluding statement should be short, intense and catchy. Ensure your conclusion does not leave your audience floating or anticipating on what will happen next. It wraps up your argument; therefore it should touch on almost every point you have written. Unlike the introduction, you cannot open your conclusion statement with a question, but instead, you can start with an answer to a question on your introduction or thesis.

Revise Your Work

Although most writers don’t dedicate time for revising their work, editing or proofreading your essay is a good step towards writing an essay. By proofreading, you will be able to pull out irrelevant information or other mistakes all through the text. Every student desires to have an article that will not only award you the points but also interest the instructor while marking. Whether you are a native speaker or not, making grammatical mistakes is a common problem that writers deal with.

While revising, it is essential to include the help of other writing tools to ensure your final submission is spotless. Additionally, through proofreading, you will be able to correct your paper and follow the same writing style that you first intended to follow. Through revision, you will also resize your document to meet the expected number of pages or word count. Unlike writing articles, essays require you to stick to the stipulated number of words and still pass relevant information.

Arrange your thoughts properly to ensure that the first and last paragraph of your body is strong. Recheck on your format and ensure it is accurate. Restructure the paragraphs that require touches and ensure every sentence makes enough sense to be where it is.

Before you start rejoicing that you have written and completed the essay, recheck on the instructions. Ensure every instruction is included and visible on your paper. After you have done all the amendments, read it through for the last time. If possible, hand it over to a friend for further proofreading until you fill you are satisfied with the paper you have compiled.

Tips for Writing A Compiling Essay

Now that you have a structure of how your article should be written, the biggest question is how do you write an essay that is strong? An essay is written in almost the same style regardless of the difference in subject and topics. If you are a competent writer, it will not take your time to know the right tips to apply while writing for various jobs.

Read What Others Have Written

It is common to find that you are writing about a topic that someone else has already written about. Reading what the other person wrote helps you ensure you use the appropriate words and avoid making the same mistakes. Additionally, by reading an essay from another writer, you get to know more about the topic in question. The other person might have information you did not know about. Therefore, through reading their work, you get to know what is expected of your piece. Paraphrasing or quoting other writers’ work is a good solution for cases where your arguments are not strong enough or you lack data to support your ideas.

Bisect Your Reading

Reading is not an all interesting thing for everyone. Most people would prefer to watch something over reading the same. However, if you wish to write an essay that will capture the attention of your instructors and award you massive points, you must be a keen reader. In reading, you will be able to find the difference in formatting and choosing words. You will also be able to tell what your audience wishes to hear in your essay. Continuous reading also helps you in using punctuation marks, vocabulary, and even sentence structure. Through reading, you get to learn new words, phrases, and how to relate the intellectually in your text. Unlike while listening, reading gives you an opportunity to become part of the conversation.

Effective Research

Whether your topic is easy or tough, it is essential to do an in-depth and informative analysis of the topic. Writing an essay is all about having facts about the topic. Be sure that you can back up your information with trusted sites.

Only because you have seen the topic, it is not enough for you to get down to business. Take your time, do a proper research work. Ensure you know almost everything about the topic before you get started.

Know Your Writing Strength

You know the structure, you have done your research, you have the topic and all the points in place, and you have the time required to write the paper. The other question you should ask yourself is what type of a writer are you. In writing, there are two types of writers, architect writers, and farmers. Architect depends mainly on building from a sketch. They must have something to join in the dots and create a reliable and relevant essay. It is difficult for architect writers to work with nothing to guide them. Therefore, if you are an architect writer, you must start your work by outlining your ideas to lay your foundation.

On the other hand, writers with farmers skills are writes that work with nothing tangible. As farmers bury their seeds in the soil and wait for something big to grow, the same skills such as writers use. They don’t plan what to write and where. Instead, the research on the topic and let their words flow. However, farmers writing skills requires a lot of painful trimming to ensure the final submission is of the best quality.

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