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How to Write My Thesis Paper


Writing your thesis paper is not like any other writing. It requires a lot of researching, time and dedication. A complete thesis paper will take you approximately eight months before your presentation time. Therefore, you will need to plan your time appropriately to ensure that your final submission/ presentation counts and is effective. The main challenge is how do you manage to do all this and still concentrate on your other engagements throughout your academic year? However, with proper planning and involving the right tips, you can get your thesis ready long before the deadline. The most difficult step in the entire thesis writing is how to start. If you are looking for a way to get your thesis exceptional, here are simple tips that you can include in your writing and come up with a competitive thesis paper.

Schedule Your Work

It is easy to get overwhelmed in between your writing and miss on the important points. With about eight months of writing, you are likely to repeat the same points you had initially written. However, with an appropriate organization, and scheduling your time, writing the paper will be interesting and comfortable all through. With a proper schedule, you will conveniently plan your work, allocate appropriate time every day for the writing. Scheduling allows you to divide your thesis into various sections and work on them one at a time.

How to Write My Thesis Paper

Write Your Finding Every Time

Whether you have a great memory or you can reflect on previous events as they happened, writing findings as they happen is a good step towards writing a successive thesis paper. Once you get relevant material to write your thesis, writing it down will save you the humiliation on a later time. Additionally, when you write down your points as they come, you will always have something new to write about every time. By writing your findings as they happen also ensures that you have enough time to edit your thesis with enough concentration on every chapter.

Since some chapters are longer than others, having a plan in advance will help you in your research. While planning, you can also ask yourself whether you are ready to do all the work or you will involve writing service providers. If you opt to write it by yourself, making a draft is very important. Structure your thesis paper and see what it will contain. Every time you write down new content on your actual copy, ensure to highlight on the rough/draft copy to keep your record straight.

Remember the Introduction

Every piece you write should have a decent introduction. It gives your readers an overview of what to expect from the entire paper. Mostly, writers start their writing by doing their introduction. It helps them have a direction to follow with the rest of the paper.

However, the case is not the same with thesis paper. You will need to write as the final chapter o ensure it reflects on the content available on the book. Additionally, writing your introduction as the last chapter will help you go through your entire writing hence be able to see and correct minor errors within your text.

Additionally, by writing the introduction chapter as the last part, it will be easy for you to touch on every other chapter. Therefore, it will reflect on entire thesis paper as you will introduce every part individually to make it count.

Dedicate Your Time to Writing

Don’t sit and wait for the last minute to start writing your thesis paper. If you are not willing to get assistance from someone write, then you must get down to work every opportunity you get. Now that your thesis is divided into subsections, it is important to allocate time for every section.

Writing a thesis paper can be tiresome and time-consuming. When you have other engagements to attend to, having sufficient time for the writing is not that easy. However, if you split your writing throughout the entire period, you are likely to finish long before the deadline.

The best way to get your thesis in order is starting early. Every time you do an experiment, it is important to update the findings in your paper. This way, everything will be written accurately as you gather material. Additionally, it will be easy for you to concentrate on a particular topic giving it enough time for researching and writing.

Generate a Structure

If you need to write a thesis paper you will have to come up with an accurate plan to ensure your final submission is worth the hustle. You can start by going online to look for a structure that s appropriate and easy to follow. Once you have your structure, ensure that every time you write, you follow the same structure to avoid making mistakes in your thesis.

If you are yet to find a convincing flow, this is how your thesis structure should look like:

  • Title page
  • Thesis approval and committee names page
  • Acknowledgment
  • Abstract
  • Table of content
  • Abbreviations list (if you used symbols list them too)
  • List of figures
  • Number of tables
  • List algorithms if any
  • Introduction chapter
  • Paper reviews and a background chapter
  • Several chapters – Depending on your finding and work complexity you can write research for each chapter. However, you must ensure that all your chapters have a connection to each other. This will guarantee that your thesis has a flow and shows your hard work throughout your academic year.
  • Chapter – Research findings and experiments
  • Discussion chapter
  • Future works and conclusion chapter
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices list (if any)

Find a Supervisor

It is important to have someone checking through your work every time you write a section. Having a supervisor correcting your work step by step ensures that you don’t repeat the same mistakes or lines throughout your text. The supervisor will also have an easy time walking with you through the project. Additionally, they will have sufficient time to analyze your work and award you strong points all through. However, you must ensure that you keep your supervisor is up to date with every change that you make on your thesis.

When you work closely with your supervisor, it will also be easy for you to make amendments when you still have time. If your supervisor is not within your range, you can make arrangements and be sending your drafts through emails or other mediums.

Have Backup Data

Writing for approximately three months consecutively, you are at a higher risk of losing some data. If you depend on writing your thesis on a single platform, all your hard work may sum up to nothing in a flash of a second. Therefore, for your thesis to be safe, it is important to have several copies of all your work. Also, every time you update the original copy, ensure to update every other copy for your document to have similar information all through. For effective safety, you can store a copy of your work in cloud storage. This kind of storage is always accurate and reliable. Therefore, when all other mediums fail or become inaccessible, you can always pull down the copy from cloud storage and save the day.

How to Write My Thesis Paper

Use High-Quality Figures or Images

Your thesis should feature reliable images/figures for it to land you excellent marks. Therefore, you must ensure that the type of images you use are of the best quality from the beginning to the end of the paper. Additionally, make sure your figures are named appropriately and that they are independent of one another. When you name your images smartly, you are not likely to duplicate your content. Also, as you include images, ensure to put them as close enough to the pages where you first mentioned them. This way, your readers will have ample time reading through your text without having to flip over several pages to get your point right.

Use Proper Citation

Plagiarized may lead to disqualification and eventually affect your conduct at work. The only way to avoid plagiarizing your content is by properly citing every person that you have used their work. Whether it is an image or actual content that you got online and it is not your own, include the author as a sign of appreciation.

Revise Your Work

Although it is advisable to correct your work after you are through writing individual chapters, doing a thorough revision of the entire paper is essential. Revising your work after writing all the chapters guarantees that you have faith in the last copy. You will be able to correct it of any grammatical or spelling errors. Additionally, it will also help you recheck on your chapter arrangement and flow of content.

It is also essential to allocate as much time as possible for revisions as possible. Although others may not see this to be important hence revise their work at least once, numerous revisions make a massive difference in any paper. If you make a proper arrangement, you will have a month or two before submitting our thesis. In this time, you can allocate at least 15-20 days for thorough revision. During this period, you can have other colleagues help in rechecking your work. This is because it is highly possible to overlook the same mistakes even with multiple revisions.

While revising, ensure to check for common issues such as font style and size throughout the text – you don’t want your reader to feel annoyed while reading your paper due to the usage of unreadable fonts.

Now that you are through writing remember those people that helped you collect different materials and write them into a competitive paper. Whether their assistance was academically or not, saying thank you shows them that you appreciate their presence and assistance. Write a brief and precise acknowledgment paragraph with the list of every person that gave you positive assistance.

Lastly, before you print your thesis for other reviewers, print a copy and review it yourself. Ensure you are as honest as possible while reading your work from page to page. Multiple checks guarantee that your final submission will be as presentable and competent as possible. Print a single copy first also allows you to spot basic mistakes and make corrections while you still have the chance. Also, make proper arrangements of a back printer and ink cartridges in case of any emergencies as you finalize your paper.

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