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Introduction to article review


Instructors use article review to analyze the work of people who are experts in a field.  For a good and accurate summation, you need to have a good understanding of the arguments and the main points in the review. You will also need to logically evaluate the main theme of the article together with its supporting argument. Here is your complete guide for writing an article review. You can also order essay online.

What is an article review?

An article review is usually an evaluation and a summary of an article that is written by another writer. The aim of asking students to write article reviews is to help them familiarize themselves with the work of a specialist in that given field. In order to summarize the work properly, you will need to comprehend the essence of the expert’s work, its main points, and the argument. You should assess the theme of the article, its supporting argument and its perspective if you want to write a good review. Bear in mind that it is not written for the general public but for other readers who are already familiar with the work.

Write the preview article

You will need to go through the abstract, title and headings of the college application essay. Read through the introduction, opening paragraph, the first sentence of every paragraph and the conclusion.  This will offer you a good preview of the article and its main arguments and points. The goal of the first reading is to give you an overview of the idea that the author is trying to pass with the article. Check for any terms that you are not familiar with to get a good understanding of the article.

Your next step will be to read the article in details while highlighting the main points and the key facts and points supporting them. Avoid the temptation to highlight all paragraphs. Supplement what you have just read with any information that you may have on the subject matter. This could be a discussion that you had in school or something that you read on your own. Consider whether that knowledge supplements your ideas or even contradict them.

Write the introduction

You will need to begin by creating a title for the review which can be interrogative, descriptive or declarative. The introduction should provide the gist of the article that you are reviewing. This is where you need to state the thesis of the author. At the introduction, you should include the article’s main theme and the main claim of the author. You will also need to define the audience of the paper.

The way you write to your peers will be different from the way you write for your instructor. This is important as people have different perspectives. You will also need to give the aim of the paper. What is it that you need to achieve by critiquing the work? What resources do you have? If you have no expertise in writing the paper, you can seek the help of a cheap essay writing service.

Provide some good reasons for choosing that specific text and why you find it credible. Remember to consider details such as the publication date, publisher and whether you trust this information. Consider doing an analysis of the previous research studies and how they can contribute to your article review. Consider the course and whether the text is conceptual or empirical. Bear in mind that all critiques/reviews have a similar structure and they all serve the same role.

Write the conclusion

The conclusion should be one paragraph long and it should not take more than ten percent of the article review. The goal of this part is usually to restate the key points briefly and also give your judgment on whether the text is well-written. You can use this part to give direction on whether there is a need for a further research on the subject. After writing the conclusion, you can now proofread the article review. You can hire a professional to check your essay. The professional essay writer should pay attention to grammar, spelling errors, punctuation and how factual the data is.

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