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What topic should I write about for my speech?


Speech delivery is as old as the hills. Since the era of Greek civilizations, the art of speaking has evolved over the years, and we have come to know of great orators both in leadership positions and in showbiz industry as influencers shaping public opinion in many ways. Today, speech writing is a core subject in many learning institutions from high school and colleges to universities. It is an extension of the spoken word that aims at persuading the listeners. However, to sway audiences, a good speech must meet certain requirements.

This post emphasizes speech writing, and, assuming that you already know how to introduce a composition, in this regard, the next important step is to find what exactly you should write about to make your speech work. This way, you are creating a platform for a powerful delivery using words that captivate emotions, while also ensuring that you respect your listeners’ varying backgrounds.

What is your topic and how should it look like?

It is imperative to note that speeches are mostly aimed at persuading audiences, but that should not overshadow the fact that sometimes speakers write deliveries for purposes of passing on information about prevailing issues or things they can educate their listeners in. Then there are days you will be required to craft a speech for thanksgiving, introducing dignitaries to an occasion etc. Also, students and professional speechwriters can sometimes partake in the art of literary composition with the aim of introducing a new product into the market.

What topic should I write about for my speech?

In a nutshell, anything on paper that is to be read out to a public audience or a small gathering often qualifies as a speech, in which case, writers must observe the three canons of writing if they want to achieve a powerful delivery. They include the following:


This emphasizes the need for students and speech writers to craft something that would appeal to emotions of readers/listeners. Ask yourself this question: Have you ever read a composition or even listened to a speaker and the content aroused your most deeply seated emotions?

They say, words are powerful, and once you master the pathos of speech, it won’t be a struggle putting together words in the most powerful way. Thus, when choosing a topic, it is advisable that you have this principle in mind.


Writers of speech should further make sure they come up with compositions that are not offensive, but rather, do so while with full awareness that a large audience often constitutes people from different walks of life. Thus, even when thinking about a topic that would enhance powerful and moving speech delivery, the topic you choose should not arouse racial feelings or appear to cast aspersions on other people’s belief systems on matters religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Great speech writers/speakers often appeal to large audiences and are sensitive to things that might not auger well with everyone’s worldview. Also, ethos or ethics guide the personal conduct of a speechwriting professional or a student completing an assignment on this subject. With this in mind, topics should not appear skewed or discriminative in one way or the other.


Another important principle of speechwriting/delivery is logos, which is essentially making logic out of a write-up. The topic you choose for your write-up should be sensible or reasonable. This way, speech writing evokes the art of simplicity and logic. Are you going to come up with weird speech ideas where all the words are jargon or something simple with which every reader/listener will identify? Well, a good topic should make sense and easy to understand because it is until then that someone will show interest in what you have put down on paper.

Other important factors to consider when choosing a topic for your written speech

Apart from the above principles of writing a good piece for public delivery through the art of spoken word, it is important that students keep in mind the following before they can settle on the best persuasive speech topics:

Think about something you know about or in which you have an interest

Written speeches should bear significance both to you and the audience. In a nutshell, a topic that you choose should reflect your interests and knowledge, which in turn translates to your audience. Therefore, before you start your composition, do your homework with these issues in mind. In the end, you will come up with a topic about which you are passionate about.

The following questions will make it easier for you to come up with a good topic:

  • Which topics interest you the most?
  • What is more amusing to your, and does it make you happy or sad?
  • What is your knowledge level on some topics?
  • Are there any topics that will require research to understand them better?

Choose a topic that people care about

The world is a home to different forms of life, and so is the diverse and abundant nature of the universe. There are millions of prompts you can think about, in which case, one may only require a little help to brainstorm on some issues worth a good speech. Also, people share in interests/hobbies, which means, a topic that touches on this aspect of life is always going to draw the attention of massive audiences comprising both speakers and readers.

With this in your mind, the following questions should help you come up with a topic that people care about, immensely:

  • What are some of the community, national, stage or global issues that affect almost everyone? Here, think about natural disasters and controversial matters then go right ahead to craft a persuasive speech topic out of them.
  • Are there any historical events, places, organizations and other discourses you are interested in?
  • Is there any social or moral aspects of human life that need change, and can they make an excellent persuasive speech topic?
  • What belief issues, opinions or concerns would make a good topic for your delivery?
  • Is there any news that you can translate into the topic for your speech?
  • How do personal experiences and goals link with one’s profession?

A careful look at the above questions brings to the fore a common understanding that sometimes well-written speeches should be about common interests.

What topic should I write about for my speech?

Speech samples covering many areas

Thus far, let’s take a look at some topics that will make a good write-up for public speaking/delivery. And for a student who is interested in coming up with a powerful and persuasive essay, you can use any of the following topics in your next assignment:

Topics about Art and Culture

We all would agree that arts and culture is one of the main aspects of modern life that helps bring together millions of people. Thus, a speech topic on art or culture such as the following will not disappoint:

  • Should the government remove fees citizens pay when visiting art museums?
  • Should back-street drawings (graffiti) qualify as mainstream art?
  • Should governments make it mandatory for students to learn how to play musical instruments in high school?
  • How is music therapeutic?
  • Should pop culture be introduced into education curriculum?

Persuasive topics on education

The following topics will do for a well-written speech about education:

  • Should girls and boys learn separately in different classrooms?
  • Should the government admit illegal emigrants into public schools?
  • Should the government make volunteer programs compulsory in schools before students can be allowed to graduate?
  • How can teachers help curb the bullying menace in schools?
  • Should music be allowed in lecture halls to help improve students’ concentration?

Speech topics on governance and politics

It is hard to imagine watching a news bulletin without politics or matters governance. Thus, it is an area that will elicit interest in massive audiences when translated into speech. The following topical issues are worth exploring:

  • Should the United Kingdom abort its Brexit plan and why?
  • Should the government make it compulsory to vote on elections?
  • Should the government of the United States of America cut back military expenditure?
  • Should the government have full control over internet content?
  • Should the world legalize marijuana?

Topics about religion

For centuries, religion remains a contentious issue, and it won’t hurt if students decide to explore the following topics for their speech assignment:

  • Should celibacy be made optional among priests?
  • Should the government start collecting tax from religious organizations?
  • Can women make good priests?
  • Should governments admit emigrants on the basis of their religion?
  • How can the government abolish animal sacrifices in churches that still have such practice?

Topics on environment and science

Nature is our home, and it can make a great write-up if you choose a topic relating to it such as the following:

  • Should governments ban the use of petroleum products and embrace electric vehicles?
  • What is the best alternative to plastic bags used to package items in groceries?
  • How can the world handle the plastic menace in oceans, lakes, and seas?
  • Is global warming a fallacy?
  • How has the world’s climate changed in the past decade?
  • Which is the best renewable energy?

Topical ideas for a speech about sports

We all love to partake in certain sporting activities either as players or spectators. Thus, given the common interest, it would also do for a decent persuasive piece. The following topics are worth exploring:

  • Should schools administration be compelled to pay students in sporting teams?
  • Should the government outlaw boxing because it promotes violence?
  • Should salaries of professional females be harmonized with that of their male counterparts?
  • Should swimming be made compulsory in high school?
  • How can the international athletes’ association federation (IAAF) deal with doping menace?

The bottom line

There are many other areas you can use for your persuasive essay/speech such as technology, health, history, travel, fashion, ethics, and animals, family, economic and dieting. And while at it, writers/speakers should never forget that getting their audiences beforehand has always helped many to achieve excellence in delivery and persuasion. Tips and topic samples in this post should help you get started and do everything the right way.

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